Haüy 2022


This small website tries to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of René-Just Haüy (1743-1822), a famous French scientist who is still ignored by his ungrateful homeland, by his Museum which continues to forget him except for a few unsupported diehards. Becaue Haüy did most of its mineralogy works (sensu largo) either at the Collège du Cardinal Lemoine (does not exist anymore) and at the Paris’ Jardin des plantes (MNHN).

Haüy can be pronounced "ah oui!" as one would say "oh non!"

Haüy is unanimously recognized as one of the fathers, if not the father of modern mineralogy, (geometric) crystallography and gemmology.

Not to mention his countless other contributions, including these at the basis of the introduction of the metric system in France, which later spread to the rest of the world... or so!

This site is partly based on the one I created for the International Year of Crystallography in 2014; a mini site exterminated by former webmasters. Fortunately, a backup existed... but many new information and iconography - often unpublished - has been loaded in 2022.


"Never has science been so much the work of one man"

(Alfred Lacroix, 1944).

Louis Leopold Boilly (1761-1845): Thénard and the Abbot Haüy (detail)

For those who want to read Haüy in French but whose austerity of the old style remains difficult to understand, read Les entretiens sur la minéralogie by Ambroise Tardieu (1825) who got inspired by the Conversations of Jane Haldimand Marcet (1769-1858).

The 200th anniversary of the death of this scientist is being celebrated in 2022 : rarely has a scientist had such an influence on our daily life.

A "new" portrait of René-Just Haüy rediscovered in 2022 (city hall of Clermont de l’Oise) and three of his emblematic objects: crystal (malachite after cuprite, Chessy, Rhone), gemstone (cordierite mounted on gold, Brazil) and wooden model (décroissement of scalenoedric calcite)

High-definition images of this website are published in the

165 issue of the French journal "Le Règne minéral" :

Farges F. et Kjellman J. (2022) Bicentenaire du décès de René-Just Haüy :  les dernières découvertes au Muséum national d’histoire naturelle.  Le Règne Minéral 165, 7-42.

(An English version is under preparation).